Community volunteers needed to help adults wanting to improve their English

a73b9370dff9721afa4131a7dce6fd5fPark City School District is looking for volunteers from the community to be English tutors for adults wanting to improve their language. Volunteers will assist adults with conversational English, English literacy, English grammar, pronunciation, and civics.

Known as the “Good Neighbors Program,” adults who want to improve their English work with their volunteer tutor to create a schedule to meet one to two hours a week. Volunteers are asked to make a three-month commitment.

“Our goal is to help English language learners from all over the world develop their English communication skills,” said Lauren Beheshti, lead program coordinator for PCSD Community Education. “This allows our students to feel more a part of the community.”

Beheshti said a large classroom setting can sometimes be intimidating for English language learners so this individualized program was created to help them feel more comfortable with a tutor.

If you would like to be involved in the program, either as a volunteer or an adult needing assistance, contact Beheshti, 435-615-0216, More information is available here.


2 thoughts on “Community volunteers needed to help adults wanting to improve their English”

  1. Good idea, but I wish it was a 2-way street….I’ll help you with your survival English, but YOU help ME with my survial Spanish!!!


  2. There is a typo in Lauren’s email address it should be The h is missing from schools in the link above


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