‘See the Results and Feel the Difference’

image2 (1)

In an effort to live healthier lives, members of Team Bearclaw at Treasure Mountain Junior High School learned about nutrition, yoga, and creating stronger, healthier bodies during a kick-off today, Sept. 15,  for its “See the Results and Feel the Difference” project.

Three guest speakers talked to our students.  Liz Stephens, an Olympic Nordic skier, discussed the importance of having a good nutrition plan even if you are not an athlete. Yoga instructor Sheri Russell taught the students a routine and talked about the benefits of centering themselves when they are stressed or need help focusing during challenging situations. Jim Tschaburn, an Alpine ski racing coach and USA weightlifting certified coach, talked to the students about how to create workout plans to have stronger, healthier bodies.

The students will now take the information they learned today and will develop a nutrition plan and workout plan for a potential student/client. They will present these plans to professionals in the community in the spring and eventually select a plan to follow for the month of April.


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