Board Meeting Summary

Sept. 19, 2017 | Regular Session

Board President Announces Resignation

Board President Julie Eihausen announced she is stepping down as president effective  Sept. 30, and will resign from the Board effective Feb. 5, 2018.  She was elected to the school board in 2014. Her term will expire at the end of 2018.

Superintendent’s Report

  • Superintendent Ember Conley reviewed the district’s measurable performance goals:
    • Students are proficient in third grade — Goal: 90% of PCSD students reading on grade level by the end of 3rd grade
    • Students are proficient in math in eighth grade — Goal: 90% of PCSD students reach proficiency in Math by end of 8th grade
    • Students successfully complete high school — Goal: 95% graduation rate
    • Students are college and career ready —  Goal: 90% of PCSD students meet ACT CCR benchmark for English and 80% meet CCR benchmark for Reading
  • Dr. Conley also said the district is starting the process to develop a new teacher evaluation system.
  • Since the last Board meeting, the Superintendent attended back-to-school events at five schools, visited all schools the first day of classes, has held staff meetings at four schools, and conducted bi-weekly meetings with principals.
  • The district has completed its climate survey and will be reviewing the results with administrators this week.
  • She reminded the Board and the public about the upcoming Strategic Plan Community Meeting on Oct. 2 from 6-8 p.m. at the Blair Education Center at the Park City Hospital.
  • Dr. Conley expressed appreciation to Lorie Pearce, Jen Ivers, Jen Frink, and Drew Frink for their endless hours of expertise in keeping the technology operating at the district.
  • The superintendent invited the Board and the community about the Homecoming Community Tailgate this Friday (Sept. 22) from 5-6:45 p.m. at the high school.

Communications Report

Melinda Colton, the new director of Communications, provided the Board with a report for the month of September. In the past three weeks, PCSD has had stories in 11 news outlets and had 25 stories published. She expressed appreciation to the local news media, The Park Record, KPCW, and PCTV for their overwhelming support of schools.  She will be using the following communication tools to engage the public and keep them informed: district news blog, Board summary, social media, SchoolMessenger, AtlasRTX two-way texting, news media, email to staff, and PTO weekly newsletters. Colton has created a news blog ( and encouraged the Board to subscribe.

The Year of ‘Safe & Healthy’

Dr. Ben Belnap reviewed his first r30 days as Associate Superintendent of Student Wellness. His priority is to develop a consistent process when someone raises a concern about a student’s health/behavior/academics/attendance and thinks that the student may need to be evaluated for possible accommodations under Section 504. Section 504 is for students with disabilities who do not qualify for special education services but may need accommodations to level the playing field to access their educational experience. Dr. Belnap said the district needs We written procedures in place that are common among all the schools. He also views his position as being a liaison with the community to build its trust for the district.

PCHS Professional Learning Communities Update

Park City High School Assistant Principals Caleb Fine and Phyllis Suggett, showcased the implementation of the Professional Learning Community Model (PLC). They illustrated how  all content PLC teams at PCHS developed their school-wide goals to meet the district measurable goals by using the three big ideas of PLC, which include: focus on learning, building a collaborative culture, and focus on results.  Superintendent Conley said: “This highlights what every single school is doing in our district. All our students can access the rigor we provide.”

New Educator Evaluation

The district is in the process of creating a new educator evaluation system that is patterned after the Marzano Focused Teacher Evaluation Model which is a standards-based classroom with rigor and most closely aligns with PLCs. The period of September 2018 through May 2019, the new evaluation system will be piloted districtwide and educators will be held harmless. The new system will be in full effect beginning September 2019:.

Park City Learning Center Name Change Approved

The Board approved changing the name of the Park City Learning Center to the Park City Learning Academy. The Academy is beginning a new academic program this year called Summit Learning, a blended, personalized program for students. Principal Tracy Sjostrom said the Academy plans to add a cohort of 9th graders in 2019-20 and create a “new school” with an  individual SCC, PTO, and budget; add a cohort of 8th graders in 2020-21, and add a cohort of 6th and 7th graders at Ecker Hill Middle.

Districtwide Safety Improvements

The Board approved the requests to reallocate of to $3 million from capital budget to accommodate the districtwide safety updates to individual schools, to purchase an emergency response system, and a districtwide visitor management system, as presented at its Sept. 5 meeting.

Policies for Posting

  • Policy 10106:  Accommodations for Students with Life Threatening Allergies
  • Policy 10107: Athletes and Students With Head Injuries                    
  • Policy 11025: Public Complaints
  • New policy: Grade Replacement

Closed Session

The Board met in closed session to discuss the purchase, exchange, or lease of real property, and to discuss the character, professional competence, or physical or mental health of an individual.


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