TMJH student tech leaders taking social media challenge


Student tech leaders at Treasure Mountain Junior High realize they are addicted to their cell phones. Their solution: go without social media for one week. Sam Thompson, technology instruction coach, is also taking the challenge.

Starting tonight at midnight and running until 9 a.m. Oct. 4,  the students will only be using their phones to call and send texts (with no pictures:) “I realize it’s not feasible to completely remove these devices from our lives,” said Thompson.

During the challenge the students can only use their phones for the following:

phone calls, text messaging (no pictures, only text), an alarm clock (most indicated that’s a big use), and Facetime.

The students have already sent out messages on their various social media channels announcing they will be “offline” for a week.

“While this is not required, I strongly encourage the students to try this challenge,” Thompson said. “My hope is that it will provide some great insight as to the good and bad of tech use.”

The faculty and staff at TMJH were also invited to join the students in the challenge and share their thoughts on how it has affected them.

The Student Tech Club was given seed money by the Park City Education Foundation to fund its first two years, and is now in its third year.


3 thoughts on “TMJH student tech leaders taking social media challenge”

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    Would this be an option for us to do a news story on? It is pretty unique in this day and age.


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