Ecker Hill offers homework after-school programs


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Ecker Hill Middle School offers after-school homework help so students can strengthen what they learn in class and develop good study habits and strategies.

The Homework Club drop-in is a program where you can go everyday or drop-in when you need it. Some students just need the time to finish up something before they go home. Other students find it easier to establish a routine to get their work done and are free the rest of the day.

The club is split into two half-hour blocks. The first half  hour begins in the Library. If a student gets caught up on homework they can go to the Wolves Zone in the gym for the second half hour.

Principal Tracy Evans reminds parents it is a safe, supervised time for students to complete their homework before leaving school. The club is offered Monday through Thursday from 3:45-5 p.m.

The benefits of the Homework Club include:

-Ask questions and receive additional help from teachers;

-Strengthen what they have learned in class;

-Develop good study habits and strategies;

-Organize their time so they you can participate in after school activities; and

-Have fun free time with friends in the Wolves Zone.

Homework Club Drop-in Schedule

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
3:45-4:15 Homework (Library) Homework (Library) Homework (Library) Homework (Library)
4:15-4:25 Break w/ snack Break w/ snack Break w/ snack Break w/ snack
4:25-5:00 If homework (HW) is finished

Wolves Zone (Gym)

If HW is finished

Wolves Zone (Gym)

If HW is finished

Wolves Zone (Gym)

If HW is finished

Wolves Zone (Gym)

Ecker Hill also offers a Homework Lab very similar to the Homework Club; however, this program is for students who have been required by teachers to attend in order to improve their grades. Students are required to attend Homework Lab every day and teachers are updated about student participation weekly. This program provides students with individualized tutoring in their classes and assists them in keeping up with their homework. Teachers, staff, peer tutors, and parent volunteers teach the Homework Lab, open Monday through Thursday.


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