Board to hold safety meetings planned for elementary schools


The Board recently approved $3 million to accommodate districtwide safety updates to individual schools, to purchase an emergency response system, and a districtwide visitor management system. Part of the safety updates include fencing at Parley’s Park, Trailside, and McPolin Elementary Schools.

In an effort to keep the community informed, a safety meeting will be held at each school. Board members will state their rationale for the safety measures, show plans, walk the property for perimeter, answer questions, and hear comments.

The meeting are:

– Oct. 12:  Parley’s Park Elementary, 5-6 p.m.

– Oct. 24:  Trailside Elementary, 5-6 p.m.

-Oct. 25: Jeremy Ranch Elementary, 5-6 p.m.

– Oct. 30: McPolin Elementary 5-6 p.m.

Parents and neighbors who live near the school are invited to attend the meeting.


5 thoughts on “Board to hold safety meetings planned for elementary schools”

  1. On behalf of the Trailside Home Owners Association, I am writing this letter in opposition to the proposed fencing of the Trailside Elementary School. Much as we did in 2013 the TSHOA stands in unity in opposition to the fence proposal by the Park City School District citing it is an unnecessary, costly expenditure that does not adhere to architectural standards of the neighborhood, nor the community values and sense of openness of which we all embrace. Not only will it greatly effect property values in the area, but markedly change the surrounding community aesthetic, interaction with wildlife and community spirit with which Park City continues to struggle to maintain.

    Kris H Severson
    Trailside Homeowner


  2. Very excited to hear about the visitor mgmt systems! 2 years ago, when my child began attending elementary at McPolin, I was stunned that I could just walk in to the school, totally unknown at the time, and pretty much go anywhere or could have done anything, completely unmonitored. Absolutely irresponsible, doesn’t matter what charming town you live in. This move toward better safety, fencing and all, is the right one, the best one, for the children.


  3. No fences, please! Let’s keep the small town charm. I do not want the schools to look like jails. Thanks.


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