Board Summary

Oct. 17, 2017 | Regular Session

Special Recognition


Carly Stenmark, a Park City business owner and published author, was recognized at the board meeting for completing her adult education degree. Stenmark earned her high school diploma as a way to impress upon her grandchildren the importance of education.

Board Member Reports

-Julie Eihausen read a letter from the Consulate of Mexico thanking the Board for reaffirming the district’s commitment to all students and providing a safe space for students.

-Petra Butler reported on her attendance at the following meetings: Community Cares, Ecker Hill Middle’s PTO, Mental Health Alliance, and two information sessions for potential board members.

-Vice President JJ Ehlers attended the audit committee meeting and said the process moving forward is for the committee to submit a report to the Board by Nov. 14. She also attended the two information sessions for possible board candidates, Jeremy Ranch’s PTO and SCC meetings, and the Utah School Boards Association regional meeting.

-President Andrew Caplan said every audit round contains recommendations for best practices and he suggested the Board discuss the need to hire an auditor. President Caplan also attended the following meetings recently: United Way partnership, the Lunch & Learn on safety, Trailside PTO, and the Park City Education Foundation.

 Superintendent’s Report

-The district is beginning the process of looking at three new teacher evaluation systems. Criteria, in compliance with state code, and a scoring process are being developed to evaluate the systems. Superintendent Ember Conley said she is anxious to hear as many voices as possible from educators on these systems.

-The superintendent reported on her attendance at three PTO meetings this past month,  bi-weekly meetings with all principals, three school staff meetings, the McPolin Fall Festival, and the National Blue Ribbon School Award presentation at Jeremy Ranch Elementary,

-Superintendent Conley reiterated the district’s focus on the Whole Child: healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged. In keeping with the safe and healthy focus this year, she held a Lunch & Learn where she shared safety protocol with parents, and she attended a Lunch & Learn the district co-sponsored with Connect Summit County that featured Randi Silverman, one of the nation’s leading voices on youth mental health.

-A school climate survey has been conducted and the superintendent said principals and administrators are now sharing that data with their teams.

PCEA Statement

The Park City Education Association expressed gratitude to the Board for its support of teachers and the increase in salaries it provided this year.

Communications Report

Melinda Colton, director of Communications, shared statistics related to the district’s social media channels, including earning 1.0K impressions per day on Twitter in the past month, a 30% increase in followers in Facebook, and a 104% increase in the number of people reached on Facebook in a month (52,026). The district received 43 media placements in September and so far in October has received 17. Colton is working to increase subscriptions on the district’s newsroom blog and will begin marketing it to parents and the community in the near future.

Budget Overview

-Business Administrator Todd Hauber reviewed available instructional spaces with the Board. The data is essential as the Board considers school capacity prior to the start of open enrollment. That information can be found here.

-Hauber presented the district class size averages for 2017-18. The report can be viewed here.

-He also reviewed the 2018 sustainable budget and the district’s Revenue and Rainy Day Fund Balance impacts. It can be viewed here.

-The board approved a tentative maintenance and operation budget timeline for approving the 2018-19 PCSD budget.

-President Caplan said the board is anxious to get preliminary estimates so if it needs to issue a tax increase it can communicate that to the public as soon as possible.

Special Education Program Update

Following an audit from the Utah State Board of Education, Associate Superintendent of Student Wellness Ben Belnap discussed the need for a districtwide process. Board members expressed frustration that they have earmarked funding for additional personnel but not all the positions have been filled. Superintendent Conley said the issue is bigger than just hiring another person and said this issue is not being ignored. Special education issues are talked about daily. Dr. Belnap said rather than go through each issue that needs to be addressed, he suggested developing a whole new system. He emphasized the importance of building a foundation and taking the time to develop a process correctly.

Strategic Planning Update

Anne Peters reported on the Strategic Plan Community meeting held Oct. 2. From the feedback that night, the board has developed a tentative mission and vision statement, and five tenets. The board will be holding additional feedback sessions, with staff and administration next week and a follow-up session with the community on Nov. 1. The board is also exploring ways to get input from the Latino community. 

Year of Safe & Healthy

The Board was provided a timeline for school front offices, perimeter and classroom doors, and boundary/fencing. Elementary front offices should be complete by December and secondary front offices will be complete by April. An emergency response database should be in place by the end of the month, and a visitor management system ready in June. President Caplan reported on the first safety community meeting at Parley’s Park Elementary. A group of parents and neighbors has been created to make recommendations to the board about the location of the fence.


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