More strategic planning meetings held for employees, community

Strategic-PlanningThe Board is meeting with Park City School District employees this week in an effort to get their feedback on the district’s Strategic Planning.  Board members met Monday with staff from Park City High and Treasure Mountain Junior High.

Additional meetings include:

-Wednesday, Oct. 25: Meet with administrations at 9 a.m. at the District Office.

-Friday, Oct. 27: Meet with Ecker Hill Middle and all elementary staff at 3:30 p.m. at Parley’s Park Elementary.

-Wednesday, Nov. 1: Meet with community members at 6 p.m. at the District Office.

The Board has spent the last few weeks reviewing all the feedback it received at its Oct. 2 community meeting. From that meeting, the Board has narrowed the district’s values to five: academic engagement, communications, community involvement, excellent personnel, and leadership accountability.

“These values reflect the overarching PCSD goals of a student-centered culture promoting a safe, healthy, challenged, supported and engaged child,” said Board member Anne Peters. “Everything we as a board, administration, and district do must uphold these values as communicated to us by the community.”

Peters said the Board is reaching out to the Latino community via Eric Esquivel and his Latino Outreach team.

Those not able to attend the follow-up meetings are invited to share input by emailing

The values, in more details, include:

We value:

Academic Engagement

-Engaging all students, no matter where they are in their academic journey.

-Creating a culture of inclusiveness and respect for the rich diversity of our community.

-Meeting the children where they are and accommodating for their types and speeds of learning.

-Equity for all learners.

We value:


-Trust and transparency.

-Frequent and easy to understand.

-Two ways.

-Listening to feedback/suggestions and communicate back how it is to be used.

-Explain why we are doing things, what is the outcome and how does it affect me and my child?

-Consistency in how information is communicated.

-Inclusion of non-English speakers.

-Inclusion of the entire community.

We value:

Community Involvement

-Inclusion of the whole community in all ways to better understand the direction and needs of the district.

-Collaborating with our partners to uphold our mission of supporting the whole child.

-Outreach to local support first, including the community and local talent base.

-Creating opportunities for the community to engage with the schools and staff.

We value

Excellent Personnel

-Consistently hiring the best and the brightest for all positions.

-Recruiting outside the district.

-Always hiring personnel in a transparent, fair, equitable and consistent manner.

-Building trust and respect for all employees.

-An inclusive, talented, collaborative and diverse talent pool.

-Training and support to set every position up for success.

We value:

Leadership Accountability

-Holding everyone no matter their position or status accountable for their actions.

-Tangible goals that are established then monitored and measured starting with the Board, Superintendent, Administration and all-staff.

-Clear processes and procedures that are transparent, free of favoritism, by the book and available for all to review, participate in and measure.

-Leadership’s commitment to honor their word and deliver the expected level of service on time.

-Consequences for those not upholding their goals.












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