PCHS to present ‘The Addams Family’

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They are creepy and they are kooky, and they are coming to the Eccles Center in November.

Park City High School’s theater department presents “The Addams Family” Nov. 16-18 at 7 p.m., and a Nov. 18 matinee at 2 p.m.  Doors open a half hour before each show. Director Rick Kimball said to come when the doors open because the show starts the moment you enter the theater.

Comedy ensues when the Addams family tries to fit in with Wednesday’s boyfriend’s family. This show has all the great characters you would expect like Gomez Addams, Morticia Addams, Wednesday Addams, Uncle Fester, Pugsley and their crazy Grandma. You will also meet tons of their dead relatives and new characters as well.

“This new musical, which premiered on Broadway a couple of years ago with Nathan Lane, has a contemporary sense of humor,” said Kimball. “You will find yourself laughing the whole time, as the characters try to fit into a world that considers them a little different.”

Kimball said the students have been working really hard at this musical. “They have been looking over the script during the summer and were actually memorized completely the first day of school,” he said. “On top of that, this is the most choreography our musical theater department has had in recent memory. The music in this is really difficult, but you will really see how talented our students are as they excel in this musical.”

Tickets are $10 for adults and $6 for students and children under age 12. Tickets are available at the door (cash and checks accepted).

A silent auction will be held Friday, Nov. 17, at 6 p.m. outside the Eccles Center. The theater department is presenting seven shows this year, performing and Disneyland, and raising funds to study with the Royal Shakespeare Company in Europe in two years.

For more information about this production and all future productions, please visit www.parkcityhstheater.com

Last year, Park City High’s musical “Little Women” won best orchestra and best set design in the state of Utah.

The cast includes: 

Gomez Addams: Jack Jorgenson

Morticia Addams: Makenzie Addams

Pugsley Addams: Tori Kenton

Wednesday Addams: Alexa Wilcox

Uncle Fester: Dallin Gull

Grandma Addams: Katie Lobrot

Lurch: Stryder Larsen

Mal Beineke: Adam Hickey

Alice Beineke: Joey Neubecker

Lucas Beineke: Marcello Caro

Dead Bride Ancestor / Grandma Addams understudy: Katie Rusconi

Zookeeper Ancestor / Fester Understudy:  Jonathan Cook

Dead Pioneer Ancestor /Mal Understudy: Caleb Strange

Dead Flapper Ancestor / Alice UNDERSTUDY : Caroline Waldmann

Dead Native Ancestor :  Courtney Peabody

Dead Saloon Girl Ancestor : Kalli Peers

Dead Conquistador Ancestor: Olivia Netland

Dead Pirate Captain Ancestor: Aubrie Walker

Dead Caveman Ancestor: Jared White

Dead Soldier Ancestor: Blake Matamoros

Dead Baker Ancestor: Ellie McGinnis

Dead Athlete Ancestor: Bella Shaw

Dead Queen Ancestor: Gemma Feltovich

Dead Royal lady Ancestor:  Sadie Gualazzi

Dead Old Police Officer Ancestor: Heidi Brown

Dead Ballerina Ancestor: Rachael Guthery

Dead Victorian woman Ancestor: Coco Berwald

Dead Cowgirl Ancestor: April Buys

Dead Naval Captain Ancestor: Zoe Lupcho

Dead Hunter Ancestor: Josie Chesley

Dead Gladiator Ancestor: Kasey Kriklen

Dead Housekeeper Ancestor: Mylie Lenard

Thing: Chelane Clift

The After Life Dance Company includes:

Caroline Applegate

Clara Bradford

Bella Buehner

Rylee Bukovinsky

Ella Hansen

Ali Herman

Allison Lambert

Ella Markham

Alexa Medes

Vivian Pinnell

Shelby Porges

Franzi Ritzinger

Taylor Sharrar

Amelia Skinner

Josie Slobodow

Bailey Stowall

Mia Strup

Nicole White



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