Survey indicates PCSD employees find their work meaningful


The best way to find out what people think of you is to ask them.  And that’s just what Park City School District did.  PCSD asked 625 employees what they thought of the school district.

With help from Profitable Engagements, based in Park City, a survey was sent to employees earlier this fall in hopes of helping the administration gage the level of satisfaction and dissatisfaction of its employees.

PCSD schools are steeped in the Professional Learning Communities, which focus on learning, building a collaborative culture, and focusing on results.  “As a district, we are committed to continuing to improve our collaborative culture,” said Superintendent Ember Conley.

Using a metric to measure our culture, Profitable Engagements used a Net Promoter Score (NPS). The NPS is an index ranging from -100 to 100 that measures the willingness of employees to recommend the district to a friend. PCSD scored a 42 NPS. The average NPS is 34, which reflects PCSD is above the national average among 3,599 districts nationwide.

“Employees create happy schools, and the climate in our classrooms becomes more positive and engaging for our students,” Dr. Conley said. “The results reinforce our shared leadership philosophy and our belief that self-directed change is the change that our employees are best suited to provide.”

The survey also found that 93 percent of PCSD employees find the things they do at work are meaningful. “We are truly fortunate to have some incredible employees who consider their work more than a job. They are here because they love education and they love the impact they have on our students,” she said.

The reason PCSD conducted the survey is to have a data point to begin reflecting on ways to improve the district, Dr. Conley said. “It creates the opportunity to seek insights on the data and solicit feedback.”

Schools and district departments have received their specific NPS and are in the process of brainstorming potential solutions for improvement and then assign team members responsibilities for goals and actions.

PCSD is the first school district in Utah to use this kind of metric. “It really is designed to elevate the school and the district culture and climate,” Dr. Conley said. “Research links a positive climate with student learning. We are committed to using this data on an ongoing basis. This is not just a one-time event, it a process.”


4 thoughts on “Survey indicates PCSD employees find their work meaningful”

  1. Please share the actual survey questions, possible responses, and data for real transparency. Surveys in the past have included loaded questions.


  2. Are you going to share the data for each question & will you show how it compares to districts similar to Park city not the total 3599. What is +|-
    Error rate? What are the tails that indicate improvement is needed. How will you “close loop” the countermeasures to address areas of improvement? Will you document for parents and employees to see and how will you ensure it is pervasive through the organization?


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