Dr. Kathleen Einhorn appointed Interim Principal at Park City High School

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 1.03.09 PMPark City School District announced today, Nov. 10, the appointment of Dr. Kathleen Einhorn as the interim Principal at Park City High School. “As you can imagine, these changes are emotional, and our primary focus is to maintain stability in the high school for our staff and students,” said Superintendent Ember Conley. Dr. Conley has been in continual contact with Mr. O’Connor and his team as the district moves forward with this decision.  

To provide additional clarification, Dr. Conley said Mr. O’Connor’s personal leave is not because of any wrongdoing. The personal leave was requested by Mr. O’Connor. The timeline is indefinite. Mr. O’Connor continues to ask for privacy.

Dr. Einhorn, who currently serves as Associate Superintendent of Teaching and Learning, has an extensive background in education, including more than seven years as a building level administrator. Additionally, she has announced her retirement for the Fall of 2018 after 34 years in education. “She will be a wonderful mentor to the assistant principals and her knowledge as an instructional leader will be of great assistance to our teachers and students,” said Dr. Conley.   

A meet and greet with Dr. Einhorn is planned for Wednesday, Nov. 15, at 6 p.m in the PCHS Lobby.

Dr. Einhorn said she is excited to close out her 34-year-career back on the ground floor with teachers, students, and parents.

She spent 24 years working for the Department of Defense schools in Germany, Ft. Benning, Georgia, and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. She has taught at all levels of education in both core and special education classes. She also has 20 years administrative experience at the school, district, and regional levels. She has served as principal at Trailside Elementary and has served in her current position for the past three and a half years.

Dr. Einhorn holds an Ed.D. in Instructional Leadership, an Ed.Sp. in Administration and Supervision, and a M.Ed. in Special Education—Specific Learning Disabilities.  She earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Utah in Special Education and Psychology.



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