Joint statement from Park City Police and District on today’s incident

Park City Police Department responded at 9:30 a.m. today (Nov. 14) to a suspicious incident involving a man brandishing a handgun in the field between Park City High School and McPolin Elementary School. A high school student spotted the individual and immediately alerted school authorities.

The police located the individual at the 1700 block of Kearns Boulevard. Police identified and detained the individual at 10:09 a.m. Appropriate charges are being screened through the City Attorney’s Office.

The lockout at all schools was lifted by police at 10:12 a.m. All schools are back to normal operation.

Police remind parents to follow district protocol and stay away from the schools until law enforcement deems the area safe. Park City Police and district officials thank the student who utilized the “see something, say something” protocol to report suspicious activity to officials.

The Park City Police were assisted by the Summit County Sheriff’s Office and Utah Highway Patrol.

Parents are asked to review the PCSD Emergency Procedures with their students tonight (see below)

Procedures Flyer


5 thoughts on “Joint statement from Park City Police and District on today’s incident”

  1. Teaching children to be good little prisoners was pretty popular in Mao’s communist China, and Stalin’s communist Russia. Maybe we should ask the leadership in North Korea what they think about all of this.


  2. “Training children” to be Smart, Safe and protected is how I see it. You go ahead and keep your kids home and let the rest of us trust PCSD to make sure our kids are protected while at school, and at the same time guide them thru real life situations.


  3. Maybe it’s time to go back to homeschooling. Training children to be prisoners is exactly why I homeschooled in the first place.


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