Board Meeting Summary

Oct. 3 | Special Regular Session

Moment of Silence

Vice President JJ Ehlers invited those in attendance to join in a moment of silence in remembrance of the victims of the hurricanes and earthquakes, and the recent violence in Las Vegas.

New Board President Elected

Andrew Caplan was elected as the new board president, replacing Julie Eihausen who stepped down as president Sept. 30.

Enrollment Overview

Business administrator Todd Hauber presented the official Oct. 1 enrollment overview.  The district’s total enrollment for 2017-18 is 4,823 students, a decrease of 68 students from last year.

Summit County Mental Wellness Overview

Aaron Newman, Summit County Mental Health director, reviewed portions of the county’s Mental Wellness Strategic Plan. He commended the school district for being a driving force in addressing this issue and being a founding member of the Summit County Mental Wellness Alliance. Petra Butler represents the board on the Alliance and said the issues that have come out of the Alliance are monumental and need to be addressed. Butler said schools cannot provide everything and is anxious for the community resources to play their parts as well. Mary Chrisa Smith, who coordinates Communities That Care, said there are youth who are struggling and parents who need education about mental health and substance abuse. Smith thanked the school district taking the lead and showing leadership in this area.

Board to Hold Information Meetings

Board members will begin holding information meetings to engage community members and organizations. The Board hopes to increase community engagement while providing community members, parents, business owners, non-profits, or other entities to share information with board members in an informal setting. Theses meetings will also be used for community or constituent presentations that may not fit within the current board meeting goals. The information meetings will be held the second Wednesday of the month, alternating times each month from 1-3 p.m. and 6-8 p.m. and will be held at various school locations. Interested constituents should contact the board president to be placed on the schedule.

Debrief of Strategic Planning Community Meeting

Anne Peters: “Thanks to the community for their incredible support. I felt we received some constructive collaboration. As a new Board member it also allowed me to see first-hand the diversity within our district. Let’s not lose our momentum; we need to keep moving forward.”

Andrew Caplan: “In terms of moving forward, the meeting was wonderful. Several expressed interest in smaller breakout groups to flesh out the various themes. Having a small breakout format and allowing people to attend the ones specific to their interests would go a long way. My two take aways were academics, and student wellness — these were not included in our five themes. What is academic success? How to we engage that? As a Board we need to simplify the communication around our goals. We also need to hold ourselves accountable to our mission, vision, values, and repeatedly communicate that to our public. Our failure in the past is that we stay silent for a long time, then come down with a huge plan. We need to do the work leading up to explaining why we are doing something and how we got there.”

Petra Butler: “My number one take away is that we need to  follow through. We have momentum so let’s make sure we follow through on it. Academics is part of everything we do and from a communications perspective we need to make sure the public knows about them.  The ‘one size fits all’ category is too broad and we need to figure out a better way to describe that category. Student wellness is also a topic that fits into all the themes. As a board we need to be held accountable for what is happening in our district.”

JJ Ehlers: “I was surprised at how many people don’t really know what is going on. We have to figure out more effective ways to tell our story. We need to get our story out and help the community understand all the great things we are doing. I also learned that people want to understand the demographics of the district.”

The Board will review the input it received at the meeting on Oct. 12 at 10 a.m. at the District Office.

Appointment of New Board Member

The board approved preferred characteristics for those interested in applying for the open Board seat that will be vacated Feb. 5 by Julie Eihausen. The board will hold information sessions in October, with applications due Nov. 2, interviews conducted Nov. 7, and selection announced Nov. 21.

Revised Policies Adopted

The board approved revisions to the following policies: Policy 4010—Travel and Conference Reimbursement, Policy 10086—Anti Discrimination, and Policy 10090—  Prohibition of Corporal Punishment.



Jeremy Ranch Elementary celebrates national award during school assembly



During a schoolwide assembly today, Superintendent Ember Conley, Board Vice President JJ Ehlers and members of PCSD’s Cabinet announced Jeremy Ranch Elementary has received the 2017 National Blue Ribbon School Award.  This is the first school in Park City School District to receive this national award.

For more information click here.

Agenda for Strategic Planning Community Meeting on Oct. 2

Strategic Planning Meeting.JPEG


Strategic Planning Community Meeting

Oct. 2 | 6-8 p.m. | Blair Education Center, Park City Hospital

Who:  Community, Staff, Parents, and Students who are ready to be part of the positive movement forward

What:  To decide the values of the district that will update the 2010 Strategic Plan for 2018-2023, to define the most critical anchors that will guide the district’s work for the next 5 years.

When:  October 2, 2017; 6:00 – 8:00 PM

Where: Blair Education Center, Classroom A/B at Park City Hospital, 900 Round Valley Road, Park City

Why:  To determine the mission, vision, and values that will guide the district for next 5 years

6:00 PM


-Norms for Meeting

-Review Agenda

-Review Process and Timeline to Update Mission, Vision, and Values:

-Interactive Feedback Protocol

-Define and Determine Values!

7:45 PM

-Check Out

-Next Steps

8:00 PM


Dates and Locations for Next Strategic Group Meetings

  • October 16, 4:30 – 7:30 PM, Park City School District Office, Board Room
    • Finalize Vision and Start Mission
  • November 5, 4:30 – 7:30 PM, Park City School District Office, Board Room
    • Finish Mission and Define Goals
  • December 19, 4:00 PM, Board Adopts Mission, Vision, Values at Regular Session Board meeting
    • Board Adopts Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals

Dates for Strategic Planning Implementation

  • January – July 2018
    • PCSD Administration Updates District Learning Plan (Implementation Plan for Strategic Plan)
    • Finalize Master Planning (Facilities Plan) for 2018-2025
      • January – June 2018 – Details Shared with Community at Large
      • July 2018 – Bond Language Adopted Pending Master Planning Completion
      • November 2018 – Bond Election Pending Master Planning Completion

Questions or Additional Feedback?

* If you were unable to attend the first meeting, join us at the second or third! No invitation necessary.

Board Retreat Summary

Sept. 21, 2017

Board Responsibilities

Board members discussed their individual and collective responsibilities as a Board and how to disperse the workload. The Board will create a PCSD Governing Board Bylaws, and revise the PCSD Governing Board Handbook. Drafts of both documents will be done by December with plans to be ratified in January 2018.

Maximizing Board Meetings

The Board talked about how to maximize their meetings. The Board will limit agendas to policy, budget, areas of focus for the year, member topic issues, and emergent issues. The Board also directed Superintendent Ember Conley to change the meeting layout of the Board room, and begin live streaming the Board meetings.

Board Goals

The Board is focused upon providing support to ensure that the student learning goals are met. The Board’s goals include: writing and revising district policy; aligning the budget with Board and student learning goals; leading and implementing the Strategic Plan mission, vision, values, and goals; promoting and advocating the district’s safe and healthy focus; ensuring safe facilities; promoting staff and student wellness; increasing engagement with students, staff, parents, and community members; and improving communication and transparency with the public.

Board Leadership

The Board looked at the process for election of new Board leadership (which will occur at its Oct. 3 meeting) and outlined the responsibilities of the Board president. Members also set a timeline for the selection of a new Board member to replace Julie Eihausen.

Community Meetings

Board members want to begin holding an informational meeting once a month to increase community engagement with the Board. These meetings will also allow the Board to keep its Regular Session meetings focused on policy, budget, areas of focus for the year, member topic issues, and emergent issues. Two Board members, the Superintendent, and the Business Administrator, will be present at these community meetings and groups and/or individuals who want to share information with the Board will need to sign up in advance to get on the agenda. The Board members will not take comment on personnel issues. The Board directed the Superintendent to set up a schedule of these meetings for the 2017-18 school year.

School Assignments

The Board agreed to be assigned to specific schools with the responsibility of attending school events and meetings, and corresponding with constituents. School assignments include:

JJ Ehlers: Jeremy Ranch Elementary and Park City High School (requires two members because of its size)

Anne Peters: McPolin Elementary and Treasure Mountain Junior High

Petra Butler: Ecker Hills Middle and Park City Learning Academy

Andrew Caplan: Parley’s Park Elementary and Trailside Elementary

Julie Eihausen/New Board Member: Park City High School, District Office, and Transportation

Public Relations and Communication

Melinda Colton, director of Communications, spoke to the Board about ways to increase its communication with the public. She also shared insight about how Board members can more effectively talk to the news media.